The Pepper Company: Our Products

Unique products from African ingredients. The Pepper Company develops and markets unique range of products made from materials produced by individuals participating in conservation efforts to reduce human - animal conflict. Products are currently produced on a microscale (due to the variability in the environemnt in which the products are sourced) and are only available by request.

Our Products

Currently our products are available by request due to issues affecting ingredient supply, such as seasonality, drought and conflict.


The Pepper Company a range of unique beverages, including both alcohlic and plain fruit juices.

Marula Juice Blend

Refreshing juice blend of marula and baobab fruit wild harvested by rural communities

Sparkling Marula Baobab Juice Blend

A lite non-alcoholic marula and baobab fruit fruit juice blend.

Alcoholic Sparkling Marula Baobab Juice Blend

Africa's Champagne - an alcoholic sparkling marula and baobab fruit blend

Marula Craft Millet Lager

Hand crafted beer made from authentic African grown millet sourced from rural communities.

Fruit Jellies

The Pepper Company makes two types of savory fruit jellies.

Marula Baobab Jelly

Jelly made from sustainably sourced marula and wild harvested baobab fruit.

Marula Baobab Chilli Jelly

A jelly combining sustainable sourced marula, african birds eye chilli and baobab fruit.

Snack Foods

The Pepper Company has developed a line of snacks.

Popped Sorgham

A delicious highly nutritious gluten free snack made from Africa's oldest grain

Quality Small Scale Production

The Pepper Company produces a small range of high quality unique products that are hand crafted in small batches.

Product Range

We make a small range of unique products that are based on materials sourced from farmers in human-animal conflict areas. These may be grown directly (millet), grown indirectly to deter problem animals (chili) or harvested from the wild.


The quality of the ingredients used in our products of the highest quality posisble. Anything that is not food grade is used in other products, such as chili which is used to make soils for spraying to deter elephants.


Our products are produced in small batches to ensure the quality and manage the variability in source materials. Source material quanities may vary due to seasonality, plant pests and drought. Supplies will stabilize as more training is conducted.


Ingredients are bought under Fairtrade principles at a premium to encourage farmers to continue practicing conservation measures and encourage others to adopt conservation practices.


We sell to exclusive lodges and hotels, and clients interestd in conserving animals and assisting individuals in locations where human wildlife conflict occurs.

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